This pet sitting contract is made as of and shall be effective as of till by and between (OWNER) and ALFREDO ARMADA & EMILIA CONDE (SITTERS). Whereas the SITTERS agree to undertake the services under the terms and provisions reflected in this contract. Any correspondence (e.g., emails and text messages) exchanged between the parties shall supplement this contract as appropriate.

    DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES: Beginning on the SITTERS will provide the following services, as PET SITTERS to care for (PETS), (TYPE OF PET) and (BREED):

    (CHOOSE 1, 2 or 3)

    1. Home-sit (in SITTERS’ home) for days and nights, and take the PET(s) on walks time (s) a day. Feed and clean as instructed by OWNER.

    2. Pet sit (in PET’s home) for days and nights. Care, feed and clean as instructed by OWNER.

    3. Walk the PET: times a day for the dates stated. Care, feed and clean as instructed by OWNER.

    PAYMENT FOR SERVICES: the OWNER shall pay the amount of US$ in advance. Payments options are PAYPAL, CASH and/or ZELLE.

    Additional fees may include unexpected visits and emergency expenses to a veterinarian hospital for care of PET, to which the SITTERS will retain and submit receipts as proof. Additional days/nights for sitting, and or supplies if needed, subject to OWNER’s consent for such additional supplies or services. The additional fees shall be payable in full at time of billing.

    EMERGENCIES: In the event of an emergency the SITTERS will try and contact the OWNER. If the OWNER cannot be reached in a timely manner, the
    SITTERS are authorized to:

    ● Transport PET to an available emergency pet hospital, if needed.

    ● Transport PET to a secure location if the original place is compromised.

    The OWNER and SITTERS shall undersigned below in agreement.

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